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Riley's Flowers

Riley's Valentine's Wrapped Roses

Riley's Valentine's Wrapped Roses

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“A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives you roses.” – Chinese Proverb.

Our Ecuadorian roses are hand-picked and quality controlled by our designers to ensure you give the freshest and most beautiful roses to your loved one. We offer: RED, WHITE, HOT OR LIGHT PINK (NOT PICTURED), ROMANTIC MIX (INCLUDES RED), OR YELLOW. ONE, TWO, OR THREE DZ, (or more!!) available. 

Wrapped in our wax brown paper we provide an eco-safe way to make sure your roses are well taken care of until they are in their new home (please cut your stems when you get home to help your flowers last longer). We fill with greens and waxflower filler and tie off with a pretty ribbon. 

* Please keep in mind that flowers are a product of the natural world, and so they will vary in appearance. The arrangements pictured on this site are a good approximation of the appearance of the arrangement that you will buy.

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